Hey there, thanks for taking a look! I’ve been photographing clients in the Tri-Valley & Bay Area for over 14 years, and have now added client options in California’s gold country, east of Murphy’s and Arnold.

Every photographer wants to let you know they’re passionate about their work, and we all are, absolutely. If we didn’t love the work, we wouldn’t be pointing our cameras your way! Do I specialize? Yep! I use my camera, that’s my specialty. 

As long as I have your attention here, I’ll add this: I’m a photographer, genealogist, and family historian. I tell stories, whether I’m using my camera, my keyboard or a combination of both. I look for the angle, find the context of the images, and the subject, finding their moment in time.

Send me a message, or give me a call! We can sort out what type of portrait you’re looking for, what to wear, and what to expect from our session. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Linda